emergence lab

The “Emergence Lab” is a hand painted anamorphic sculpture.
Its title refers to a phenomenon called emergence.
Through a plug system made out of 216 laser cut acrylic glass strips, a translucent cubic framework, is created.
On each side of the piece there is one anamorphic painting that is always only visible from one point. Since every figure fills the exact same surface as its counterpart on the opposite side, the rear image is covered while looking at one figure.
Before painting the fragments of the images separately on the strips with acrylic paint, the segmentation has been planned entirely.
In order to prevent irritating reflections within the strips and to give it the look of solid glass the sculpture floats in a particular silicone oil that has the same refractive index as acrylic. (2015)

figur raw 900

aal raw 900

portrait raw 900

vogel raw 900

hände raw 900

hirsch raw 900

01 figur aal raw 900

03 portrait vogel raw 900

02 hände hirsch raw 900

würfel closeup 900

würfel 4900

900 DSC_0339

900 DSC_0331900