100% mirror

With a fake seal of approval, the subtle intervention draws the attention to the mirror as such. Even though it is an objective reflector of light, subjective perception plays a crucial role when it’s used. The mirror displays an external view while we perceive from our internal perspective. (2015)


brickstone blues

The music video tells the story of a character that walks trought different worlds dragging a cart full of instruments until coming in contact with a raining city.
The project was a collaboration with the band Blushing Melons and the illustrator Myriam Kraml. (2015)


‘copy&paste’ is a fully analogue art work. The installation contains black ribbons, a white blanket, a metal frame, a fan and a light source. By illuminating the ribbons a shadow is thrown on the blanket which is moving in the wind. The distorted shadowgraph visually interferes with the ribbons whereby a moiré effect is produced. (2015)


‘Fish&Bird – A Little Story About Freedom’ is an illustrated flipbook.
It tells the story of a fish that wants to become free by changing into a bird, whereby it learns a lesson about freedom, boundaries and the reframing of it’s personal situation. (2013)